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Blog about tests in android


A medium account for creating a blog

Expected Content & Steps

  • Test types and location with examples
  • What are build variants in android and how it can be used with testing
  • How to run an existing Unit test from command line
  • What is the need of Mockito for creating android tests
  • What are UI tests with example
  • What are small, medium and large tests
  • Wherever possible, provide images as example of PowerUp application
  • Build and run existing Unit test and provide it's image as example


  • Read about Tests at this link.
  • Ask any questions or directions in the #powerup on Systers Open Source Slack. Mention @geekanamika if you need help on this task.


  • Provide link of blog in comment section

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  • blog
  • android

Students who completed this task

Fidella, Valentun, Erika Tan

Task type

  • assessment Outreach / Research
  • done_all Quality Assurance