Liquid Galaxy project

Improve the installation script to install all the nodes in only one script execution (at the same time)

Take a look to the current installation script located in our Github Repository ( This script is the one used to install LG on each node, but it is needed to be executed once on each node and it overrides some .ssh folders.

The aim of this task is to improve this script to install the slaves nodes directly via network from the master node. The idea is to open ssh connections from the master to each slave and perform the installation through this ssh connection and instead of override all the .ssh folder, try to manually add the keys.

Deliverable is the script itself. Sent to us at with a short document describing the experience, possible errors, bugs, etc

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  • debug
  • github
  • install

Students who completed this task

Tarun Ravi, Shruti Singh, Omshi Samal

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  • code Code