Liquid Galaxy project

Bluetooth Communication

The aim of this task is to develop a system that allows the user to send FlyTo commands to Liquid Galaxy from his mobile device.

The goal of this task is dual. On one hand, develop one Android App that act as a bluetooth receiver. This app will be running on an Android tablet connected to LG ring and has to be capable of reception of Bluetooth commands and send a flyTo to Liguid Galaxy. (see

On the other hand, another Android App that will be running on the user mobile device has to be developed. This app must have a Google Map embedded through which the user can send one Map location via Bluetooth to the Bluetooth Receiver (the first app)

The deliverables will be two Android APKs sent to our with your feelings about the task, any comment, possible bugs, etc

Task tags

  • android
  • bluetooth
  • arduino

Students who completed this task

Omshi Samal

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  • code Code