Sustainable Computing Research Group (SCoRe)

[cloudlibz] Create landing page for Cloudlibz

In Cloudlibz, the main focus is to have a central place for all the cloud-related projects of SCoRe lab. Task is to create a simple landing page to display current projects, a small introduction about Cloudlibz, how to contribute sections and upcoming projects. You are allowed to use free Jekyll theme templates, but you have to mention the source. Better to use an open source template.

Currently, there is a 'hello world' page created for Cloudlibz


  1. Fork the landing page repository of Cloudlibz ([]
  2. Decide on a template layout
  3. Add contents to the index.html along with necessary resources.
  4. Commit your changes
  5. Open a pull request.
  6. Attach screenshots in both pull request and in the GCI task comments section.

Students who completed this task

Anirudh Prabhakaran, Padam Chopra, Gyaneshwar chauhan, Adhyan Dhull, Mehant Kammakomati, Kartik Singhal, Raghav Puri, Moses Paul, Gaurav

Task type

  • code Code
  • web Design