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Write a simple tool, in any language, that uses to translate a .srt file is an amazing translation service. It translates between 6 different languages, and the results are often as good than what you'd get with a professional translator. It's definitely better than Google Translate, or bing, etc.

So we'd like a tool (that you can write in python, or PHP, or any language you like) that takes a .srt file and uses to deliver a translated version.

If it helps:

Things to watch for: You will need to pass complete sentences to deepl, and of course sentences can take more than one subtitle frame, so it's not as easy as read line by line, or frame by frame. You will need to buffer a bit, and well, be a bit clever.

You can use any library you find. For example, it's OK to get a library for .srt, one for .deepl, one for string parsing, and so on, and "just" glue all of them together.

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  • python
  • translation
  • php
  • deepl

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P S, Matej Plavevski, Jaylem Brar, Siddharth Khincha, Clemens Dautermann, Al Mao, Vedant, Ravern Koh

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