CCExtractor Development

Create badges for the build status (Windows & Linux) on our Continuous Integration (CI) platform and show them on our README page on GitHub.

Each time someone opens up a Pull Request (PR) or makes a commit on the master branch of CCExtractor, our Continuous Integration (CI) platform (better known as the Sample Platform) fetches the code, compiles it (using all the available methods) and runs a test suite with over 100 samples.

These build statuses are not really visible unless you know where to look. Other sites, such as Travis ( offer cool badges to integrate into the README, so that a user can see at once what's working and what isn't. We'd like to have the same, but for our own platform.

Your task is to modify the Sample Platform to generate those badges in SVG, based on the most recent test result for a commit, so that we can include it on the The code needs to generate badges on a fixed location for all the different methods that are being built on the Sample Platform.

Example commit test (click on show progress to see the build statuses) :


We expect a Pull Request with the modified code for the sample platform, and a PR on the main repository to update the readme to include the badges.

Task tags

  • python
  • svg
  • build status
  • badges

Students who completed this task

Matej Plavevski, TheFaR8

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  • code Code
  • web Design
  • assessment Outreach / Research