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Getting Started: Write some code documentation for the Continuous Integration (CI) tool (a.k.a. the sample platform)

The Continuous Integration (CI) platform was developed during Google Summer of Code (GSoC) for internal use. As a result, the source code is documented on some places, but it lacks quite a lot of the so-called "doc-blocks". These are useful when developing using an IDE, as it will help with the auto-completion, leading to fewer errors.

For this task we expect you to add at least three doc-blocks to functions that don't have them yet.


  • Clone/download the GitHub repository
  • Edit the python files to add documentation (keep PEP-8 compliancy in mind)
  • Make a pull request with the changes

Task tags

  • code quality
  • python
  • documentation
  • comments

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  • chrome_reader_mode Documentation / Training
  • done_all Quality Assurance