CCExtractor Development

Harddesign: Design a new organization logo

CCExtractor Development provides the best open source tools for a subtitled world. We use the closed captions official logo (the CC letters) verbatim which can be seen in our code-in page.

We need a new logo that when seen, reminds people of subtitles. Remember that the best logos are the ones that one can draw in 5 seconds or less. We don't want a complex logo that no one will actually remember.

In short: A memorable logo :-)

  • You may use any program you like to design the logo.
  • Submissions can be in any graphical format, although a high-resolution version (in PNG, SVG) or a source file (PSD, ...) is preferred.

In order to be able participate in this task you first need to complete successfully.

Task tags

  • logo
  • graphics
  • design
  • ccextractor
  • harddesign

Students who completed this task

Evan Varghese, Nitesh Kumar Niranjan, KESHAV GOYAL, Ondřej Cach, tcehcrhistie, Aadi Bajpai, Vivian Baker, John Chew, Satvik Shrivastava, TheFaR8

Task type

  • web Design