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Getting started: Add your own name to the list of contributors in our playground

In order to contribute to our source code (hosted on GitHub using git), you need to know what git is and how GitHub functions.

To help you getting started with this task (which sometimes can be a bit hard), we have set up a playground repository for you to practice with.

You can find the playground at

In order to complete this task we'd like you to:

  • Edit the GCI-STUDENTS.TXT file, and add your name to it. Please beware to not add any sensitive information (such as your email address, or so!), as this repository is fully public.
  • Send a Pull Request (PR) with the changes. When doing so, it is very important to add a good description of your changes. Descriptions are most often nearly as important as the changes itself, as the description is the first thing a reviewer will check. A lot of organisations are using templates for this in order to achieve a minimum level of quality, but it's also important you can write a good description by yourself.

Don't forget to send the link of the PR when submitting for review!

Task tags

  • pull request
  • git
  • beginner
  • github

Students who completed this task

Sergey Goncharov, OverratedDev, Tiago Costa, ltybc138, Vigasaurus Rex, Justin Chang, Jakub Żuchowski, Krzysztof Parzniewski, Soumya Ranjan Bhol, Gracjan Pasik, Priyanshu Sahani, Rishab Pangal, robingall2910, Gronek, Alexei Tulloch, Faris Aziz, Yash Gandhe, R Icl, Raghav Awasthi, Utkarsh Gauniyal, Ynxxleo, Mateo León, Krystian Zawadzki, Athena, Rishabh Rationalist, Hunter Baker, Nguyễn Tấn Nam Anh, Deeps, Abby Moss, Aayush Sabharwal, Aadi Bajpai, Sarvesh Warge, Dhruv Sumathi, Illya Oleksenko, Adam Czarnik, Matthew Li, Toby Latino, Andrew Yang, Hubert Wilga, Nikunj Taneja, Jamison Harris, Jonathan Filbert, Imani Muhammad-Graham, Kshitijaa Jaglan, Dragos Balan, Amy Xu, Jake Wagner, HARSH PAL, Jakub Skupień, Peter Sparks

Task type

  • code Code
  • chrome_reader_mode Documentation / Training
  • assessment Outreach / Research