Report a bug in Pocket Code

Identify and report a so-far unreported bug or issue in Pocket Code. Try to describe the bug in as much detail as possible. Include all details, e.g., your exact phone model, Android version (if you use a non-stock Android version, add the name and version of it), and the version of our app you tested (shown in the “About” menu entry). The bug must be 100% reproducible under the conditions you explain in your ticket. Try to identify the smallest possible circumstances under which the bug occurs and describe them. Make a screen recording of the bug’s occurrence on your phone, with a voice commentary in English about what you are doing. Before doing the screen recording, turn on the option in the developer’s option on your phone that allows to see the finger positions when the screen is touched. Report the bug with all details and a link to the video in a shared Google doc that you create by making a copy of (share it in such a way that anyone with the link can add comments) – for a moderately good example of a bug report, see, e.g., – try to improve on this.

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