Find 5 false positives in coding violations

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It's recommended to do this tasks after (or while) fixing real issues: see https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/tasks/5724753140645888/.


  • You will need a least basic knowledge of Java programming language to understand what is asked


Go to http://sonar.xwiki.org/issues/search#resolved=false|projectUuids=f3aae72a-d56b-42fe-b578-e229aac56491%2C897a7e96-6a12-4f35-8777-68cd5c9d5875%2C1c81cbae-4d41-47fc-bbe5-341da3345fd0|statuses=OPEN%2CREOPENED and find 5 violations which could be closed as false positives.

Note that it's not always easy to find out when you don't know the code so don't hesitate to ask in the chat. But please try to think about it before asking questions, mentors are not going to answer "is it valid" until you find 5 :)

Expected Outcome:

The student should give the links to the 5 issues (in a single comment) and, under each link, a clear explanation to why they consider that it is a false positive.

More Work Available:

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