GeoForAll: Find and describe 5 open educational geospatial resources

As of 4 December 2017, the GeoForAll network consisted of 122 labs worldwide that support open principles in education and strive toward the GeoForAll mission of making geospatial education and opportunities accessible to all. At present, a large number of geospatial educational resources are available through various platforms, such as Wikis, GitHub and Moodle. However, these resources are not always easy to find.

For this task, find 5 open educational geospatial resources and provide an overview of each resource. The overview should include information, such as learning objectives, data, quizzes, references and terms and conditions for use.

An example of an education resource is the GeoAcademy courses, https://fossgeo.org

Task tags

  • geoforall
  • open education

Students who completed this task

Nayana Vallamkondu, Shashank Balaji, Sunveer Singh

Task type

  • assessment Outreach / Research