FOSSASIA #GCI Poster: Create a Poster using Open Source and Put it Up at Schools, Universities or Community Spaces to invite Students to Participate in the Contest


Create a poster with information about FOSSASIA and hang it up at a local school, university or community space to invite students to participate in GCI. The idea is to get information about Google Code-In and FOSSASIA tasks out and welcome more participants in the program. Only posters made using Open Source Graphics applications can be accepted.


  • Learn about Open Source applications like GIMP, Inkscape, Krita and MyPaint.
  • Install the tools on your PC and use them to create your poster
  • Add the FOSSASIA logo and the GCI logo in the poster
  • Add information about the program and links to FOSSASIA and the Google Code-In website
  • Get agreement from responsible officials to hang up posters if required
  • Add name, email, contact details to name of the person who granted you to hang up the poster, e.g. professor in university here below
  • Take a photo of the poster with students and teachers in front if possible
  • Tweet poster and photo mentioning @fossasia @hpdang @mariobehling
  • Post information and photo on other social media
  • Add the poster and photo to FOSSASIA Album
  • Add the poster to the FOSSASIA GCI site


  • Made a poster using Open Source applications
  • Photo of group in front of poster
  • Poster and group photo are added to FOSSASIA album and to FOSSASIA GCI Site on GitHub
  • Teet and post on social network with photo

Task tags

  • krita
  • poster
  • mypaint
  • inkscape
  • gimp

Students who completed this task

Yash Kumar Verma, Saarthak Chaturvedi, Piyush Raj, Samyak Jain, Abhay kumar, Shivam Lakhotia, Yash Kothari

Task type

  • chrome_reader_mode Documentation / Training
  • assessment Outreach / Research