Website: Improve and Update Team Page and Connect with FOSSASIA on GitHub


The FOSSASIA team page is partly outdated and lacking team members and links. Please help to improve the page.


  • Open an issue detailing what you plan to do
  • Fork the repository and make it run on your own repository with Github Pages (more info here
  • Add the photo of the team member in the images folder (Use the right dimensions with a ratio 1:1, 300x300 max).
  • Also include your credentials (blog link, GitHub username, Twitter, Facebook - what you like)
  • Do the necessary code changes
  • Make a pull request to merge changes to the repository
  • Provide a link to a test Github pages site on your GitHub repo
  • Learn how to execute a script in the Chrome browser: Go to the FOSSASIA Star Me Repository, copy the script in the repo and paste it into the developer console of your browser. Then execute it until it is finished. A detailed step by step guide is in the
  • Follow FOSSASIA on Twitter and announce your work on on Twitter, Weibo or other tweet channel, e.g. something like "Updated @FOSSASIA #team page during @Google #CodeIn @mariobehling @hpdang #OpenSource"
  • Post about your task at Facebook and link to


  • photo of team members on website
  • merged PR with photo and personal links on the site and matching the design
  • tweeted and posts on social media
  • followed


Task tags

  • website
  • images
  • web technologies
  • team members

Students who completed this task

Tushar Verma, Saarthak Chaturvedi, Piyush Raj, Kuba Michalski, Naveen Rajan, Kartikeya Singh, Samyak Jain, Aditya Dutt, Abishek V Ashok, Arjun Pandey, Yash Kothari

Task type

  • code Code
  • web Design
  • done_all Quality Assurance