Website: Identify and Fix Issue and Add Speakers to FOSSASIA Summit 2018 page


The 2018 FOSSASIA Summit site is a GitHub Pages site. Your task is to add speakers and make the site work in the FOSSASIA design. You should identify key issues with and make substantial improvements fixing issues and improving the design and sharing your progress on social media. Please follow FOSSASIA's Best Practices.


  • Fork the Website repository and make it run on your own repository with Github pages (more info here)
  • Test the site, identify issues and open issues on the repository's tracker
  • Fix issues and make a pull request to the repository (Note: Simple typos or one-line code changes are not sufficient.)
  • Tweet about your task on Twitter, Weibo or other tweet like channel, e.g. something similar to "Fixed an issue for #FOSSASIA during #GCI @fossasia @hpdang @mariobehling "gcodein" and post about your task on Facebook or other social media, providing a link to FOSSASIA
  • star the repository on GitHub


  • fixed issues and merged pull request
  • tweet and other social media message posts and starred repository


Task tags

  • git
  • html5
  • css

Students who completed this task

Yash Kumar Verma, Tushar Verma, Saarthak Chaturvedi, Piyush Raj, Kuba Michalski, Naveen Rajan, Samyak Jain, Aditya Dutt, Abishek V Ashok, Samyuktha Sudheer, P10YP1T1, Arjun Pandey, Yash Kothari

Task type

  • code Code
  • chrome_reader_mode Documentation / Training
  • web Design