Create a video how to run Haiku in VMware ESXi

Create a video showing how to install and run a Haiku nightly anyboot image in VMware ESXi, see the guides at https://www.haiku-os.org/guides/virtualizing

  • Set your host's resolution to 1280x720 and record in full-screen.
  • Pick a suitable resolution for Haiku, no resizing allowed as that would blur the image.
  • All material seen or heard have to be under a suitable creative commons license.
  • Keep it short, best under 3 minutes.
  • Don't show the download and installation of VMware ESXi.
  • Don't show the download of a nightly build, as this tutorial video will also be used after Beta1 is released.
  • Start recording with VMware ESXi in full-screen mode.
  • If you have enough memory, assign 2 GB to the VM. HDD size should be 4 GB.
  • Complete the additional steps and troubleshooting before you start the virtual machine. Video memory should be 32 MB.
  • When booting the VM for the first time, click on "Run Installer" and follow the installation guide.
  • Rename the virtual hard disk to "HaikuHD".
  • Wait for Haiku to restart and boot to Desktop, then end the video. Don't open any applications.

Before recording the video, send in your script as a txt or pdf file. The script should document the process for creating the video, how and what will be shown in the video. After the script has been verified, record the video and upload it here, on Google Drive or Youtube.

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