Warn the user when Marble cannot load any plugin

Welcome to Marble, a virtual globe and world atlas that runs on Linux, Windows, MacOS and Android. Find your way and explore the world! :-)

To complete this task you need a Marble development environment under Linux or Windows. We have beginner tasks for either, please complete one of them as appropriate.

The method PluginManagerPrivate::loadPlugins() is responsible for loading all plugins used by Marble. At the end of the method it is known how many plugins have been loaded. If no plugin was loaded at all, this indicates that either no plugin was installed or that the plugin path is misconfigured. To help 3rd-party developers detect this, there should be a clear warning in this case. See task 2114 for details.

Please contact your mentors if you run into a problem that you cannot solve on your own or if you have questions:

  • Using live chat via the #marble IRC channel in Freenode (Dennis Nienhüser is called Earthwings and Torsten Rahn is tackat). Note that we have to sleep and work sometimes, so might not respond immediately. We'll read your messages later though.
  • By mail using nienhueser@kde.org and rahn@kde.org

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