What can I do for WikiToLearn

WikiToLearn is a website that provides free, collaborative and accessible textbooks. Users and academics worldwide contribute in sharing knowledge by creating high quality learning resources such as book and school notes.

Ask not what WikiToLearn can do for you but what you can do for WikiToLearn.

Build a simple web application which would help the contributors to navigate easily within the application to know more about the areas for contributions which they are interested in.

How to do this ?

Wanna build this ? Need help ?

  • Join our chat channels on chat.wikitolearn.org to get to know about various ways of contribution.
  • Get in touch with the mentors - Sagar Hani (@sagarhani) for code or design and Riccardo Iaconelli (@ruphy) for content.

Task tags

  • python
  • html
  • web design
  • css
  • javascript

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Fabian Altendorfer

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  • code Code
  • web User Interface