Trojitá: Clean up context menu when clicking HTML links

There is a context menu which appears whenever someone right-clicks a link in an e-mail displayed in Trojitá. This menu could be cleaned up to remove items which are not relevant when the target of the click is a link.

How to approach this task

  • ensure that you have done your first Trojitá task already
  • build Trojitá from git
  • think about what to remove and what to leave there
  • create a git commit
  • create a review request (hint: Trojitá uses Gerrit)

Need help?

  • KDE has documentation, please read it. CMake has one, too.
  • Using search engines such as Google helps answer many questions.
  • We are always happy to help, and we use IRC for that.

Task tags

  • trojita
  • html
  • ui
  • qt
  • c++

Students who completed this task

Spencer Brown

Task type

  • code Code
  • web Design