coala: Significantly reduce size of the coala docker image

coala provides a Docker image that has coala ( and all official bears and dependencies installed so it can be used for any code analysis supported by coala.

Instructions on how to use this image with Continuous Integration systems like GitLab CI and Travis CI are available in the user manual.

This docker image is pretty large for what it is, making use in CI slow. The size of the current image is shown in Travis CI when it runs docker images. Currently it is:

$ docker images
REPOSITORY          TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED                  SIZE
coala-docker        latest              e5825964c10f        Less than a second ago   2.553 GB
opensuse            tumbleweed          adf7e79c95ae        3 weeks ago              152.3 MB

This task is to find a way to significantly reduce the size of the image without loosing functionality.

Join the Gitter chat to discuss methods of reducing the image size.

Submit a pull request, and note on the pull request how much you believe the image size has been reduced by.

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