Publiclab: Build a Paper Spectrometre using a CD and sturdy paper


Learn how to build a low cost spectrometre with paper and an old CD/DVD that you can attach to a mobile phone and share it online.


You need:

  • Print our a letter sized pdf from this link
    • Page 1: the first page has build instructions
    • Page 2: the second page should be printed onto sturdy paper. The paper should be black if possible)
  • You'll also need scissors to cut out the pattern
  • An old CD or DVD, that you can cut

Step by Step:

  • Follow the instructions on the PDF here (letter sized).
  • You can also see a how to with more photos here.
  • When you finished attach the spectrometre to a mobile phone and test it. Make a screenshot of the test.
  • Finally post a photo of yourself with the spectrometre and the screenshot on social media and tweet (or use another service) it if possible mentioning @fossasia @PublicLab.


  • Finished the spectrometre and attached it to a phone cam
  • Shared a screenshot of tests on social media
  • Shared a photo with the spectrometre and yourself in it on social media


Task tags

  • hardware
  • publiclab
  • spectrometry

Students who completed this task

Sanchit Mishra, Phúc Ngô, hoangvanthien, Adarsh Kumar, Quynh Nhu Nguyen, Gravity, Van Thanh Nguyen, Karmanya Sharma, Gabriel Lee, Sang Hoang, Duong Nam Tran, Saurabh Singh

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  • assessment Outreach / Research