Publiclab: Testing out Transifex for Translation


Publiclab recently completed Internationalization of its website. We are using the Transifex platform for translations. In this task you are required to test out Transifex and Internationalization.


Test out the Transifex platform in any available language (or add a new language for translation). After testing it out create a research note and a nice video on using the Transifex and all its features. Reach out to the community to encourage using the Transifex platform.


  1. Go to the link
  2. Follow the First two steps under Activities for people who want to translate

    Note: After you complete Step 1 of activity comment here in the task to inform us that you have initiated a request to join the Team so that we can respond quickly and add you to the team.

  3. Make a step by step video on translation
  4. Signup in the publiclab website and post a research note regarding it. You can post a research note from the Share your work button on publiclab dashboard.


  • Writing and communicating skills
  • Video editing skills

Expected Outcome

  • A good descriptive research note on internationalization and using Transifex
  • A video on using Transifex for Translation to make it look easy to use not only for a developer but a common man
  • Tweet about your task with the research note link mentioning @PublicLab @fossasia

Task tags

  • internationalization
  • transifex
  • publiclab

Students who completed this task

Sanchit Mishra, Mostafa Elgayar, Adarsh Kumar, Koh Pi Rong

Task type

  • chrome_reader_mode Documentation / Training
  • assessment Outreach / Research