PublicLab: History graph for wildcard tag display should not be displayed


We display a graph of recent activity on tag listing pages like But we also allow "wildcard" tags like:* -- and these should not show a graph.


The following code (on this line: is suppose to detect that and not show the graph, but is not working properly:

  <% if @tags.first %>

We sould:

  1. Modify the conditional above to use the same logic as the controller (, making it: @tags.first && params[:id][-1..-1] != "*" -- which ensures that the last character is not a wildcard.
  2. Add a test that checks this page and ensures a graph is not shown:

More at:


  • Knowledge of git and github
  • Some knowledge of Ruby
  • Some knowledge of Rails framework will be great

Expected Outcome

  • Create a Pull request incorporating this feature
  • Writing a functional test would be just awesome!

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