MBDyn: Get it running. Download MBDyn, compile it, and then test it.


Download MBDyn, compile it, and then choose a test case from the MBDyn's documentation/examples page and get it running.


Working release of MBDyn compiled on your computer

Expected Outcome

Description of how you compiled MBDyn, including any difficulties you encountered and their solutions; the case you chose to run and a link to the actual case; and, at least one figure showing the results as a plot of relevant data, such as position, forces, velocity, etc.


MBDyn's source (Linux): MBDyn's Manual: Examples cases:

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Students who completed this task

Sanchit Mishra, Adarsh Kumar, Ankit R Gadiya, William Lee, yuki_is_bored, Mukund Choudhary

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