Execute Terasology's test suite, then break some tests!

Terasology has a unit test suite, with over 350 tests currently present. The unit tests help ensure that the game's core systems perform as expected - it is also ran every time a new change is contributed to the game, ensuring that no new issues are introduced. Your task is to run Terasology's tests on your machine, then make some of them fail!

Definition of 'Done'

  • You've ran the tests on your machine. (Show us a screenshot of all tests passing in your IDE)
  • You've managed to break three or more unit tests by changing the code of the test and/or the functions being tested. (Show us a screenshot of some tests failing, and the code you've modified to made them fail)

Where to start?

  • You'll need an engine workspace (which includes the test suite) set up on your machine - refer to the Preparing an Engine Workspace tutorial for information on that.
  • To get started with unit testing, check out the Unit Testing tutorial!

Task tags

  • testing
  • java
  • junit
  • unit test

Students who completed this task

Isaac, SafeFatNoob, Przemysław Rozwałka, Scott Moses Sunarto

Task type

  • done_all Quality Assurance