Formally Describe The Behavior/AI Of Friendly Deer

Games like Minecraft have shown that it is fun to play in a "sandbox" only limited by your own creativity. Mining resources, crafting new blocks, and building things is all fun, but the creatures around you bring a world to life.

A formal description of a creature later helps to implement its behavior. You should think about how this can be transformed into code. Usually, there is some default behavior executed by the creature normally (e.g. standing still). There can also be variations of it (moving around, eating, etc.). Most other behaviors need some trigger that leads to some situational behavior. The formal description contains different scenarios for such cases, e.g. "If the player comes near sittin birds (less than 5m) then the birds will fly away".

Your tasks is to formally describe the behavior of Friendly Deer as described above. You can describe it using text like above or pseudocode. Try to reuse phrases, e.g. birds also "will fly away" if there is a loud sound nearby.

Definition of 'Done'

  • A formal description as described above is posted in the Suggestions Forum
  • The description contains the default behavior and at least 3 variations
  • The description contains at least 6 scenarios with trigger and situational behavior

Where to start?

  • Think about the natural behavior of the create in real life (if possible)
  • Investigate typical behavior as can be observed in other games or movies
  • Think about typical gameplay situations, such as a moving player, weather, etc.

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