Describe a new feature you want added to a module in your own words

The modularity of Terasology enables the creation of a wide range of modules. Many of them are constantly in development, with new features and bugfixes being applied. Your task is to research an existing module and describe a new feature you wish to be added to it.

Definition of 'Done'

  • A 300-500 word feature request is submitted (as a GitHub issue in the module the feature should be added to). It should cover the following questions:
    • What are the details on your new feature or extension? What gameplay changes does it include?
    • What systems and components should be implemented or extended in order to get it working?
    • How will the new feature improve the module?
    • [Optional] Can the feature help other modules?

Where to start?

  • Explore a module's README, its JavaDoc comments, as well as the code itself to get an overview of its' intended use and potential feature ideas.

Task tags

  • documentation
  • summary
  • modding
  • writing

Students who completed this task

Quinn Roberts, Mandar Juvekar, J Young Kim, Josiah Somani, Scott Moses Sunarto, Tim Verhaegen, Mohammad Darvish

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