Design a test plan for the Launcher (settings)

The Terasology Launcher is the official launcher application for Terasology - an external program written using JavaFX which is capable of easily downloading, installing, and running different versions of the game. Although the launcher overall is in pretty good shape, it lacks well-defined test scenarios. Therefore, your task is to investigate its' features and use cases, and create a test plan covering these points.

Definition of 'Done'

  • A detailed test plan (at least 10-15 manual tests) is submitted as a forum post, GitHub wiki page etc. The test plan should be systematic instructions on how to (manually) test the identified features, covering the different usage scenarios (what should be done?) and the expected outcome (what should happen?). The plan should cover different features from the launcher's Settings menu.

  • An ideal bonus is recording a video of the tests that can be used to guide later testing.

Where to start

  • Download the launcher and try it out! The launcher's wiki will probably be of help.
  • Here are a few sample tests to get you started with the plan:
    • Changing the launcher's language should immediately modify the language of the interface.
    • The setting that changes the game file location should bring up a file selection window.

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