Create a new culture module for DynamicCities (involves Structure Templates)

Thanks to one of our GSOC students we have a DynamicCities framework that allows procedurally growing cities to appear in a world, based on one or more cultures defined simply by .prefab files.

The goal of this task is to configure a new culture and design multiple buildings following that specific culture's architecture, with 5+ structures including at least one that is in some fashion unique to the culture.

Please submit a module repo link and one or more screenshots (here or in the module repo's README) to complete the task. Be mindful this task is posted just 12 hours before the task claim deadline! Just three days after to complete :-)

Task tags

  • culture
  • cities
  • structures
  • architecture
  • procedural

Students who completed this task

Rufus Behr, Mohammad Darvish

Task type

  • code Code