Add glue effect to AlterationEffects module

Terasology has an AlterationEffects module that implements a basic set of status effects (buffs and debuffs) that can alter a player's base state in some fashion. These include health regeneration, mobility increases, damage reduction, poison status, etc.

Your task is to add a glue effect to this module. The glue effect will prevent an entity from jumping and slow down movement by 10% for a specified duration of time.

Definition of 'Done'

  • A pull request is submitted to the AlterationEffects module containing the glue effect. Feel free to add your GitHub nickname to the list of authors in the module.txt file.

Where to start?

  • Download a copy of the AlterationEffects module using gradlew fetchModuleAlterationEffects, create a new branch, and start from there.
  • Check out the other alteration effects. In particular, pay attention to how,, and the jump-related alteration effects are designed.

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Jared Santa Maria

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