Split a Wikimedia's CREDIT video into shorter ones, upload them to Commons and add documentation

CREDIT is a monthly meeting hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation to demo things like new wiki gadgets, 10% time projects, and works in progress. One meeting consists of several different presentations which are from individuals or teams from Community, Reading, Editing, Discovery, Infrastructure and Technology.

The meetings are live streamed on Youtube.

Your task is to choose one video from the following list CREDIT meeting and note down:

1) Time for start and end of each presentation in the video (put them into the comments here too.) 2) Name of each speaker 3) Each project being discussed 4) Links relevant to the project (if there are any)

Download the video (Visit WikiHow's tutorial page to learn how to download videos from youtube.) and cut each of the presentations into their own video, using any Video editor of your choice

These videos are to be uploaded on Wikimedia Commons. See the help on uploading files (and don't get confused that it talks about "images"). For each presentation video's description, add the speaker’s name and the name of project being discussed.

To avoid more than one student working on the same video, please mention your name in the "Assigned to" column in the table in the Phabricator's task description to the corresponding video. Also, make sure you add Commons link (of the videos) under the column Description in commons". (You can edit task description by clicking "edit task" in the upper right corner of the webpage)

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