Migrate 5 MediaWiki extensions away from UtfNormal in MediaWiki core to external UtfNormal library (I)

This should be a rather easy task.

MediaWiki's UtfNormal library has been split into a separate wikimedia/utfnormal Composer package in MediaWiki version 1.25. However some extensions still use it:

AbuseFilter/extensions/AntiSpoof/AntiSpoof_body.php 344: $testName = UtfNormal::toNFKD( $testName );

ActiveAbstract/AbstractFilter.php 113: return UtfNormal::cleanUp( $clipped ); 217: $header = UtfNormal::cleanUp( $stripped );

AntiSpoof/AntiSpoof_body.php 354: $testName = UtfNormal::toNFKD( $testName );

Foxway/Foxway.body.php 50: return \UtfNormal::cleanUp($return); 85: return \UtfNormal::cleanUp($return);

LiquidThreads/classes/Hooks.php 229: $out .= UtfNormal::cleanUp( Xml::tags( 'DiscussionThreading', null, $threadInfo ) . "\n" );

These extensions should all be fixed in order to clean the MediaWiki core code base of fallback code. This task is very straightforward (see this example patch). You are expected to provide patches in Wikimedia Gerrit (one patch per repository).

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