Find and fix syntax errors in one translated message

Please read for the complete task description! contains source and translated messages for many projects, including MediaWiki and many extensions.

The source messages often contain syntax that must be preserved in the translated message, per; checkers are designed to prevent mistakes.

Translators occasionally either omit or corrupt the syntax in the translation.

This task is to find and fix one translated message that has incorrect syntax. You can use UI search, manual search, or automated tools.

To fix the translation syntax, create an account on . See for more information, and be sure to use to chat with translation management team and mentors after you have completed a few test translations. They can give you the 'translator' right, so you can complete this task. Add a link to your translatewiki contributions in your task submission.

An example of this task being done is:

More information about each language can be found on the Wikipedia article about the language and you can search or ask questions on the Linguistics StackExchange, such as this discussion about South-East Asian plurals.

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  • i18n
  • json
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Students who completed this task

Justin Du, Yudhistira Gowo Samiaji

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  • web Design
  • assessment Outreach / Research
  • done_all Quality Assurance