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Add a new Artist with social media links to MusicBrainz

Find an artist that doesn't already exist on MusicBrainz and add them to the site/database with as much information and as many social media (and other!) website links you can find for them. If it's a group/band, you should also add the individual members.

Places like Facebook, Bandcamp, Discogs, SoundCloud, YouTube, … might be good starting points for finding artists—but remember to search for the artist(s) in question before you add them!

Provide a link to the Artist page on MusicBrainz once you have done the task and note down any difficulties you may have had during the process (e.g., if you got any errors while using the website).

Relevant documentation:

If you have any questions along the way, you should join #musicbrainz, the IRC channel for MusicBrainz editors. Even if a mentor isn't around to help you, there are plenty of other people with years and years of experience editing MusicBrainz who are willing to help newbies. Be sure to mention that you're from GCI. :)

Note: The artist has to have been created for this specific task, so you can't reuse an artist you may have created previously.

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