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Add the user interface for area editing

  • Aim: Add UI to edit begin/end areas for creators, area for publishers and country for editors
  • Estimated time: 5 hours

The BookBrainz database currently has fields for storing the various location-based data:

  • The area where creators were born and died
  • The area where a publisher is based
  • The country where an editor lives

However, none of this information is exposed in the site, making it impossible to edit or access this data. We want to change this!

There are four steps to this task - the first is to add areas to our search system by including them in the indexing code. The second is to modify the existing EntitySearch component to add a React prop that can limit the search to a particular type of entity - you can do this by changing the URL used for searching to include the collection query parameter. Third, add it to the required forms (limiting the entity type to area). Finally, the fourth step is to include the selected area information in the form data submitted to the server, and update the server code to handle this correctly.

This task is likely to be challenging, so please try some of our other React-based tasks first (the Pug -> React ones would be good!). Also, we'd welcome you to contact us in IRC to ask for tips and advice for each stage!

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  • react
  • data
  • bookbrainz
  • hard
  • area

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Daniel Hsing

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