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Write a QA test plan for PoorMan

For this task you will need to create a test plan for the PoorMan application.

You can find help on understanding what test plans are and tips and tricks on writing them by clicking here. It is highly recommended that you read the information on that page.

You will need to first investigate the application and look at its features, functions and capabilities. To do this you will need to have a running instance of the Haiku operating system.

For each function that you find, you will need to write a test that includes the User Action; any Preconditions that you find; the step by step instructions on how to run the test and the expected results of what the feature is meant to do. Each feature test should be independent of the other tests, that is it should not rely on other things done in previous tests as it should be self contained.

You can view an example of a test plan for the Haiku application MidiPlayer on Google Docs (this this version has been tweaked to improve its viewability). You can download a raw version of it here and a simplified template here.

You will need to submit your work as a .csv file, which can be created by spreadsheet application or a text editor and have it include the columns "User Action", "Precondition", "Steps" and "Expected Results".

Your mentor will need to upload the .csv file to Haiku's new qa website, although if you are planning to do a number of test plan writing tasks, we can give you an account for the website.

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