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Research Icon-O-Matic to prepare a tutorial video

This is a research task in order to make a video (which will be a follow-up task), showing in detail how to use Icon-O-Matic to create Haiku vector icons.

You need a current nightly Haiku image installed to work on it.

You should read the topic on I-O-M in the user guide while you make yourself familiar with the application. Nevertheless, you'll have questions while trying to figure everything out. Please join the #haiku IRC channel to ask questions, and/or post in the Haiku forums by creating one thread there, explaining your mission. You can also comment here, of course, if you don't get the answers from those other channels.

When you think you know enough to explain I-O-M to others, write a plain text document on how and what will be shown in the video demonstration. Present your document in another thread in the forums and ask for feedback. What feature is missing? Are there more questions that should be answered? etc.

Link to your forum posts and attach your first draft document in a comment to this task as soon as you've created them.

Also create at least one semi-complex Haiku style icon using I-O-M and submit a png export of it as well. Here are the Haiku Icon Guidelines

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  • icon-o-matic
  • video
  • tutorial
  • icons

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Tejpunj Raju

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  • chrome_reader_mode Documentation / Training
  • assessment Outreach / Research