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Add XEP-0363 support to Prosody MUC

XMPP MUC (Multi-User Chat) is typically setup for user privacy; your address and identity are only shared to people you choose. This is partially violated by XEP-0363 because the domain hosting files (text, photos, etc) you send to a chat room exposes your XMPP server to those users.

One solution to solve this problem is supporting XEP-0363 on the MUC service itself, allowing MUC services to indicate they support XEP-0363 and users to upload files to the service rather than their own XMPP server.

All the code you'll need for this can be found on Prosody's Mercurial server and may simply be an extension of the current mod_http_upload module. This may require some work on the muc module or even adapting mod_http_upload as a muc sub-module.

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