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Hangouts: Interview Guest (Jan 14)

Interview a noteworthy guest from outside our project's community on a subject relevant to our work. Suggested interview topics include (but are not limited to) game design, animation, licensing, networking, or even the Google Code-in program itself. You will have 2-3 minutes for your interview followed by 2-3 minutes of discussion between your interview subject and other students.

You may either pre-record your interview (if guest is not available for the Hangout) and upload it to the PySoy Youtube Channel or present it live during the hangout, in either case you must participate in the Hangout live to answer questions and participate in the discussion.

Hangout should go live Jan 14 at 20:00UTC (you should be connected 15 minutes early) and run 20-30 minutes. Test your video, audio, lighting, software, network, etc with a test Hangout an hour or more before the Hangout so you have enough time to fix any issues.

As you cannot claim two tasks at the same time, you cannot complete this task the same week as you do another weekly Hangout On Air task.

Post a link to the resulting Youtube video of the Hangout On Air to finish this task.

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  • assessment Outreach / Research