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Add XEP-0363 CORS support to Prosody HTTP Upload Module

XEP-0363 (HTTP Upload) provides a method to upload files to an XMPP server which are made available on HTTP. This is most often used for uploading photos to be shared in chat.

This would be obviously great for web clients, however we hit cross-site scripting issues when trying to upload files to a different domain and port. This can be solved by adding an additional HTTP header for CORS to the Prosody HTTP Upload module

You can draw from Prosody's BOSH module for example, and should support configuring this with "cross_domain_upload".

You can request help from Prosody developers by typing "/join" in our webchat.

When finished, either upload your patched module to this task, a Mercurial bundle including your changesets to Prosody's version control, or a link to your already accepted changes.

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