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Update HGBot to use Errbot

Several years ago, Google Code-in students wrote HGBot - a Python-based IRC bot that helped manage our Mercurial repositories through IRC. This worked well, but unfortunately its limited to IRC.

A new Python chatbot package has since been released called Errbot which supports IRC, XMPP, and a dozen other common chat protocols. If updated to use errbot, HGBot could continue to provide its functionality in our GCI XMPP-based chatroom and many other places in the future.

Migrate HGBot's code to use Errbot to connect and chat. The resulting bot should be able to connect join the room and support commands as it currently does on IRC with users not yet authenticated with NickServ.

Once this task is complete, many additional tasks will be unlocked for getting HGBot working properly on XMPP and with our web-based chat.

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