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Intro to Android Development

As much of our software is written in compiled languages, porting to Android requires working with Google's Android Native Development Kit (NDK). Getting it setup on your system is a great first step toward helping port software for Android.

Download Android Studio and set it up for building NDK programs.

To get your feet wet, make a trivial modification to the hello-gl2 example provided by the NDK. Common changes involve changing a color or the triangle's shape, but feel free to get more elaborate! Then compile and test it on an Android device or an emulator.

Be sure to join our web-based chat at where other students and mentors can help you. When you join chat for the first time, remember that someone may not see your message for a few minutes so say "hi" and be patient (installing Android Studio and the NDK can take some time, anyway). We can't help you if you've left chat before we can answer!

When you've done, post a screenshot of your modified hello-gl2 example to this task.

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