Copyleft Games

Game libraries, engines, and toolkits

For Google Code-in 2016 we're working on some great projects!

Classroom Kit

We're designing a curriculum for teaching computer programming through game design for Raspberry Pi computers. A big part of this is the student workbook which needs art and writing. We also need some Python programming work for assisting teachers with setup functions, and most importantly general work on the game engine to get it ready.

Your work could help thousands of other students get started with programming!


We've been working on an experimental new web-based game engine for Minecraft-like games called VoxGL. You can help get this new game engine ready for the masses!

Game Networking

Our game network suite could use a lot of work, from the web-based social platform for players to find each other to real-time network libraries there's still much to be done.

Website Work

We're pretty proud of which was designed by both mentors and Google Code-in students in previous years, but there's still some work to be done. You can work on the web-based tools including our chat room, code editor, and Linux shell to improve the experience for all students.

We encourage students to suggest features for our website which can be made into Google Code-in tasks as well!

Primary Open Source License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPL-3.0)

Programming Languages:

  • c
  • python
  • lua
  • javascript
  • xml


  • games
  • art
  • writing