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Reporting bugs in the game app. [PWR - iOS]


  • Have Powerup iOS application successfully running on your machine.


  1. Run the project on the simulator (or any other device) and test the app thoroughly.
  2. Report any bugs that may exist. You can also point out any unfavourable user experience(s) while playing the game.


As you work on this task, you should join and remain in #gci-general or #powerup on Systers Opensource Slack to get help, feedback, and guidance from mentors and other developers.

Work Submission:

  • Send a document giving a brief description of the user experience and list of bugs.

Task tags

  • ios
  • powerup
  • swift
  • bugs

Students who completed this task

Yash Bharti, Anjali Kantharuban, Ronak Shah, JacquelineVB

Task type

  • done_all Quality Assurance