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Create new icons for Circle of Trust! [FirstAide]

Simple Definition

Create new icons for circle of trust.


  • Check out the circle of trust icons used in FirstAide
  • Create .png icons and make sure the dimensions are 72x72 pixels. Clarity is very important. They must not blur out easily when resized.
  • While creating the icons make sure your icons support all the screens. This is necessary for Android. You can read more about it here (


As you work on this task, you should join and remain in #gci-general or #firstaide on Systers Opensource Slack to get help, feedback, and guidance from mentors and other developers.

Keep in mind

  • Add appropriate and brief description along with screenshots while making a comment
  • Talk to the mentors to find out specific dimensions.

Evaluated Work:

Add a comment in the open issue of FirstAide Web Repository on Github.

Task tags

  • graphic design
  • firstaide

Students who completed this task

Artistme, JacquelineVB, dannymt, Phoebe Fletcher

Task type

  • web Design