Golang/Hugo: Setup a blog using Hugo and Golang


Hugo is a static blog generator built on top of golang. Setup a blog using Hugo and write a post about your experience on "How to setup a blog using Hugo".


  • Github page
  • understanding of web technologies and Go lang

Expected outcome

  • showcase your work on Github pages
  • include images in your blog pst
  • write some information about Google Code-In with FOSSASIA
  • add a link to
  • post the repository link
  • post a tweet or info on another social media about your work, e.g. "Just set up a blog with #Hugo during #FOSSASIA #GCI at http://link-to-your-website @fossasia @hpdang"


Task tags

  • blog
  • basics
  • hugo

Students who completed this task

Jason, Hannan Ali, Dwij, Duc Phan Duy, Yago González, Poh Say Keong, Juanvhook, Ronin

Task type

  • chrome_reader_mode Documentation / Training
  • assessment Outreach / Research