loklak: Run loklak on your computer and harvest two million tweets


loklak is a twitter scraper and search server. Install loklak on your computer, follow the description on, then run the server. It will start to harvest automatically and if you run it for 48 hours, it could have harvested two million tweets already. Make a screenshot of your welcome screen (http://localhost:9000) which prints out the harvested messages and tweet this to @loklak_app.


  • Github account
  • Understanding of set up

Expected Outcome

  • The student should have set up the loklak server successfully on the system and tested it with a sample query
  • A set of screenshots for the localhost application running
  • at least 2 million tweets collected
  • tweet result on your twitter or any other social network with a screenshot and link to, e.g. "Two million tweets collected with #p2psearch and #loklak @fossasia #GCI"


Students who completed this task

Ecyoj, Yekoss, Bancila Sorin, Poh Say Keong, Ronin, JLeow00, shiftsayan

Task type

  • chrome_reader_mode Documentation / Training