Games/Kivy Introduction: Making games with Kivy

Making games with Kivy (1/4)

*note that this task is a part of a series of tasks, but also self-contained.

(1) Objective

Learn about Kivy, and blog what you’ve learned.

(2) Requirement

1) Visit the official Kivy website, and find the following points.

  • What can you do with Kivy? Find out through Showcases and Gallery, for example.
  • What do you think what is the Kivy about?
  • In which language is Kivy written?
  • Which OS do you need to work with Kivy?
  • On which platform will your application written in Kivy run?
  • What can you (or others) create with Kivy?
  • How can you describe Kivy briefly?

stretch goal: to read Kivy User’s Guide » Philosophy

2) Write a post in your language.

  • Write a post, spread the knowledge that you have just learned.
  • Try keep your intro not too long.
  • Put useful links such as Showcases.

(3) Expected outcome

A complete blog post, which introduces the Kivy in local language.

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