Android: Capture and store an Image in an android app

Please create an android app that captures an image using the camera, stores and then displays that image in an imageview. The outcome of this task should be hosted on your github account in the form of a github repo with the name CameraApp.

The task will include following activities:

  1. Installing Android Studio and Android SDK on your local machine for App development.
  2. Starting a new project with the name of CameraApp .
  3. Defining the phone hardware resources needed by app in manifest file, in this case it will be access to phone camera and local storage.
  4. Creating an activity to capture an image and then saving it on local storage.
  5. Implementing functionality to display captured image to user.

Expected Outcomes:

The submission should include following funtionalities-

  • Proper functional CameraApp
  • Intuitive and aesthetically pleasing User Interface
  • Functionality to capture image
  • Functionality to store or delete capture image
  • Functionality to display already saved images as gallery
  • Any other functionality that students find worth including

Tutorials and recommended reading:

These are some links to help you do the task:

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