Game: Kivy’s Pong Game Tutorial

Making games with Kivy (2/4)

*note that this task is a part of a series of tasks, but also self-contained.

(1) Objective

Make your first game with Kivy tutorial.

(2) Requirement

1) Download and install Kivy

2) Have Kivy documentation opened, and take a quick look.

3) You’ll need to write code in Python. In case you want to catch up on basics, see Kivy Introduction. There are a few links to python tutorials. However, you don’t have to spend too much time on it. Just skim through and move forward.

4) Follow steps in Pong Game Tutorial. Not just copy code snippets, but try understand the followings:

  • layout / kv language
  • game update loop
  • ball animation
  • user input

5) The pong game has a strange bug where the ball becomes excited when it gets hit by the side of the paddle. You can easily reproduce it, show your solution for that bug.

6) Check out more examples if you wish!

(3) Expected outcome

Your version of Pong game (based on Kivy tutorial) with a bug-fix.

Task tags

  • python
  • game
  • kivy

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Yasoob, Amaan, Vikram Grover, Shashank, Ronin, Skyhawk

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